Heritage scrapbooking project

One of the many things I try to keep up with is an immense family heritage scrapbook series – one for each member of my husband’s line, going to his second cousins and beyond. Yes, I said “second cousins.” They act like first cousins or siblings and even feel like my own family. So as “odd” as it, it’s a wonderful thing. But because we’re all so close, I think that’s why I ended up being part of this 30-book adventure. Yes, 30 books. Yes, we’re a little crazy. No, we don’t have any books actually finished yet, but we have several started.

I’m embarking upon this never-ending joy (🤔) with one particular cousin, and when my mother-in-law was still here, she helped too. I actually taught both my MIL and the cousin to scrapbook using this project. (My MIL’s book, which goes to my husband, may actually be about half done. Even if we are on volume 2. 🤦‍♀️) Apparently I suggested to the cousin that she should do a scrapbook (as in one) for the photos she was interested in gathering rather than a boring old photo album. (I don’t actually remember this conversation.) I swear I did not mean to create this monster. At this point, I’m just thankful we’ve whittled down the number from 40+.

So why am I posting about heritage scrapping now (when I already have baby and wedding and bee and fox and lemon cards to create)? Because said cousin came to my house over the weekend and finally feels like she’s ready to tackle this project again, after my MIL’s passing, the division of all the things, a job change, and a move to a different apartment. Okay, then. Scrap we will.

Originally we three found it easier and faster to have me create the “master” layouts and the other two to basically emulate the finished pages for other books, since they were the newbies and the photos are all the same anyway (40 copies at CVS, anyone?). Now that we’re down a member, I guess I’ll be filling in wherever I can, whether that be master pages or repeats. Tonight was a little of both – one master that apparently isn’t going into the master book and one repeat for a different book. I’d do a third, but I no longer have pictures accessible to me after “the division of all the things.” (We used to keep heritage scrapping things in my MIL’s closet, a common place for any of us to get to. Now half of it is with me and half of it is somewhere near Pittsburgh.) Evidently we have some kinks to work out. 😂

These may not even be my best scrapping work (okay, they’re not), because the colors were chosen for the other side of each layout before I got to them and I’m only working with half the stuff anyway. Limited choices, as she brought just a bit with her and I carted out some stuff from my craft room but not near what I have. Truthfully it’s been years since I’ve had a chance to scrap anyway. Too many cards! But here are the new layouts, in all their confused glory. 🙂 Enjoy and watch for further posts. I’m still hoping to get another layout or two done before I pack it up on Monday.

The one made for the master book that the cousin is snitching instead. New master to come once pictures are had!
The “repeat” layout, made for a different book. I didn’t think I’d actually miss that large notebook paper from the red layout, but I might have to do that again. This one feels a little lacking. 😜

And here is the mess we made on the table (and two side tables and one chair) with only a portion of stuff to work with…. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂

So many more pages to go….

#constantlycreating #thelittlewhatnotshop


An update to these layouts, as I kept tinkering with them after posting:

Author: Connie Troyer

I'm a cardmaker, scrapbooker, book editor, and vocal singer, but not always in that order. I juggle these things with filling card orders for my local gift shop and others and being a Stampin' Up consultant! I'm happy to help you place an order anytime if you want some craft supplies! Shop with me at http://www.stampinup.com?demoid=2202334

2 thoughts on “Heritage scrapbooking project”

    1. Thank you! I might be 80 before we’re done…but shouldn’t that cut down on the number of books we need? 😂🤷‍♀️ I have to go back and add the year to the “repeat” layout. Forgot that part. Maybe I’m better at the master! 😂🙄


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